Sunday, September 28, 2008

wii fitness

if you have a nintendo wii i strongly suggest u get wii fitness. Its kinda like excercising..but u dont realise it cos ur starring at the tv. you can do pushups areobics, yoga and balancing games as well! And also it is really honest with you so dont get upset when it tells u you are vastly overweight or your above the average weight. (i was lucky i was just slightly above 19 bmi) and it also says its better to be overweight then underweight! ITS TELLING U TO EAT! EEEAAATTT! Yea but overall its an awesomeee gamee and it has kept me entertained and have been doing those excercises for 5 hours overall now. and lost 2.5kg thanks to it! although that was unintentional im pretty sure it was that i couldnt eat for 2 weeks because of my braces.

p.s: zoe im having lotza fun with this blogspot thanks for showing me it :)

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