Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i got braces!

yep i have braces and i am gonna tell u what happens when u needa get braces... first they will give u at least 2 check ups. See if they need to put plates on. But first they put these bands on you. So when you get actual braces on it will ease the pain... but who said the bands wouldnt?? for 5 days you wont be able to eat without feeling a suffer of agony on ur jaw. so you will get really hungry in that period of time. for the remaining 2 days till you get your braces you can eat properly. then when you get your braces on you cant eat for 2 weeks! then you are fine from then. It takes about an hour for the orthodontist to put them on.


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Arcaus Alteisen said...

got dammit they look weird man, and i got a new hobbie!, chek mah blogz