Saturday, December 13, 2008

nearly holidayz

YAYY! its nearly the holidays and at the moment im watching kung pow :) its so abstract i just find it hilarious. "Let me crack my nuts to ur fist style!" :P 3 more days of school until 6 weeks of holidayz...i got no idea wat im gonna do in tat time as most of my friends are oversea or in a different state. "there should be a new word for killing, like baddong yess. killing is baddong and i shall stick to the opposite of killing.... gnoddab!"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i got braces!

yep i have braces and i am gonna tell u what happens when u needa get braces... first they will give u at least 2 check ups. See if they need to put plates on. But first they put these bands on you. So when you get actual braces on it will ease the pain... but who said the bands wouldnt?? for 5 days you wont be able to eat without feeling a suffer of agony on ur jaw. so you will get really hungry in that period of time. for the remaining 2 days till you get your braces you can eat properly. then when you get your braces on you cant eat for 2 weeks! then you are fine from then. It takes about an hour for the orthodontist to put them on.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

wii fitness

if you have a nintendo wii i strongly suggest u get wii fitness. Its kinda like excercising..but u dont realise it cos ur starring at the tv. you can do pushups areobics, yoga and balancing games as well! And also it is really honest with you so dont get upset when it tells u you are vastly overweight or your above the average weight. (i was lucky i was just slightly above 19 bmi) and it also says its better to be overweight then underweight! ITS TELLING U TO EAT! EEEAAATTT! Yea but overall its an awesomeee gamee and it has kept me entertained and have been doing those excercises for 5 hours overall now. and lost 2.5kg thanks to it! although that was unintentional im pretty sure it was that i couldnt eat for 2 weeks because of my braces.

p.s: zoe im having lotza fun with this blogspot thanks for showing me it :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

school holidays

my school holidays are becoming as boring as watching caitlin playing neopets. (and that is a gruesome comment but its true) as half of my friends have flew off somewhere and 2 thirds of those people ive hanged out with but they are cavemen (spend to much time on the computer)
And 3 of my good friends are pemanently staying at a different state in australia! and the remaining fractions i aint telling u who they are :p cos i know i will be constantly bagged. so yep. BORRRINGGG. all my good friends ditch me and the others are cavemen. FUN FUN FUN.

bass guitar!

i am a bass guitarist and also able to play fairly at the accustic guitar. I have been learning for about 2 terms now but have exceeded and am already ahead in the bands progress.(my progress with soundworks has been sweet.) So now i am in the jazz band. The songs we have to play are awesome and some i actullay reconised. Louie Louie is the song futurama copied its theme song from and 2 others that standed out were

B is for blues
Coming home baby

i can also play the friends theme :P although with the bass it isnt wat it is cracked up to be
also playing some latin music...very very fast though
And in a few months im going to be learning electric guitar ROCK AND ROLL PUNK!

royal melbourne show

a few days ago i went to the royal melbourne show! annoying thing was that we had to go by public transport. we went to the pines and took the bus to queen a matter of moments the bus was compressed with lotza people...i was pretty sure more then the licensed amount was on that bus. and i was sitting next to a business man...who looked freaky and he was typing on microsoft word about diaper statistics! apparently huggies are making the most proft :P. It took 50 minutes to get to queen street then my family and I had to run to catch the tram it shut the doors then i had to chase it till the driver realised i wanted to go on.. when it stopped my mum and my sister were behind and took a lil while to catch up. and the passengers on board were starring for a brief period of time. When we got out we thought we made it to the royal melbourne show at stop 32.... my mum took bus stop 32....but we were in the wrong street and it woudlve been a 2hr walk from where we were at said one of the people walking on the street path...we had to wait 10 min till the next tram arrived and 10 minutes later we finally got on board. DAMN THIS IS A LONG POST.

this time when we got out we made it to the royal melbourne show.

i decided to not give all the details now as my fingers are getting sore... when we got in i saw dainel leong! wat a surprise!! he hasnt grown at all though :P my 9 yr old sister is taller then him and hes gonna turn 13 soon. afterwards we went to that food tasters big place. My mum signed a subscription to a wine club and is now getting 15 bottle of wine every 6 months. better be on my guard :P. took 1 hr and a bit till we finally got out. by that time i was bored to death and gave up. After that we got a saucer krout for 7 dollars. wowwiee! And the person that sold it had a german accent and i didnt get what she said half the time i think she got annoyed. the sausage was hard to bite and the bread was all hard and since i had braces i was in agony :(. After that we brought at least 8 showbags (none of them were mine :P) and at about 1pm we left it was a pretty short day. When we waited at the tram i saw a cross dresser... it was a man who was wearing a farmers top and wearing a skirt and holding a purse at the bottom. I couldnt do anything but snigger. i think he realised so i stopped. afterwards we took the bus to the pines and by then it was 2.30pm. We stayed at the pines for an hour walked home and by that time it was 4pm. i was tired.

And that was my day at the royal melbourne show

welcome to my bloggg!

welcome to my blog!! hopefully this will be a place where u can read blogs that u will completely forget in a matter of moments!!! so relax and read these blogs that are added over time...hopefully and....WOOWOWOWOWO

matt :p